Friday, August 16, 2013

My TurboFire First Month Results

I just completed my fourth week of the TurboFire fitness program. If you're not familiar with TurboFire, it's one of those "extreme" fitness systems put out by Beachbody - the same company responsible for the more well-known P90X and Insanity programs. TurboFire is basically a series of kickboxing and dancing hybrid workouts on crack. There's some HIIT (high intensity interval training), and a little bit of strength training and stretching incorporated as well.

I admit that I haven't followed the calendar exactly. I've needed to flip flop some of the days to get them to work in my schedule (it seemed like the long workout days always fell on days I had limited time, and the shorter HIIT workouts fell on days I had all the time in the world). I also added a little extra resistance training, because the official calendar that came with my set only had three strength training days for the entire month! I prefer doing strength work at least twice a week.

Anyway, on to the results! (Sorry... no pictures. I'm not comfortable putting those half-naked "before and after" pics of myself online for the world to see).

5 pounds lost
1" lost from my waist
3/4" lost from my hips
1" from my arms (each one!!)
3/4" from my thighs

Not a super-dramatic change, but still pretty good! I'll take it, especially since I'd been stuck on a plateau for three weeks before I started TurboFire. I still have at least eight weeks to go. My set has a calendar for 20 weeks, but I don't know if I'll stick with it for that long. The workouts are enjoyable for the most part, and the instructor, Chalene Johnson is fun and very motivating. However, I tend to get "workout ADD" after awhile, and I'm sure I'll be ready for something different before long. We'll see.

*For the record, I am NOT a Beachbody coach, and I do not have any sort of connection with the Beachbody company.

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